Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ur walking down a busy lane.......lights glowing to the fullest , its like as if each one trying to outglow the other.....with so much light around u start to feel happier inside .......suddenly the lips start sync with the words in ur heart......the brightness around have made ur heart lighter and the words of the song heavy....u reach ur destination...its just ten steps on the top.....u take the first step and the songs keep changing constantly.......u reach the fourth step and all of a sudden ur on the fifth step and the lights "go off" !!

u stand still for a few seconds.......ur shadow has vanished in a flash........u climb up catching the railing by the side..........the songs have stopped .....the lips are tight .....its as though .........well there are many things that fit the description but i jus cant figure out which one to choose .......!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The town of Knoxville was known for its serene atmosphere, this town was situated on a ridge surrounded by pine trees. One of the sought after places for people whose life ran on the pension they received. The northern end of the town was always bustling with activity, for the mall was situated there. This town lay on the highway connecting two important cities so there was no dearth for commodities, anything u name and Knoxville had it. Bellamy’s the renowned electronic goods shop had jus opened its store in knox for a rousing reception from the locals.
That year the i-pod was selling like hot cakes and it was a rage. The store manager was the happiest man in town as the sales of the i-pod was rising, his promotion was imminent. His son on the other hand had a strong dislike to
i-pods for reasons known only to him and the almighty. But it was something he didn’t reveal to anybody but kept to himself.
Days rolled on so did the sales of the i-pod, on a wet Sunday night mrs.sussane gave out a loud shriek, she was living on the 5th cross near the mall, she had just stumbled upon a body with stab wounds. She immeadiately dialed 911 and the paramedics were there in no time to clean up the place so did the law enforcements. Mrs.sussane was in a state of shock. The post mortem report stated the identity of the deceased as professer Adams, a professer at the Birmingham university. With no leads to the case the case went as cold as ice.
Five days from the first killing came another shocker, another body was found with the same stab wounds, this time it was a greek orthodox preacher Mr.Poisterus, he was a preacher at the local church. Knoxwille was now at the mercy of the killer. Again with no leads the case went cold. Was knox ready for another of these killings? Well knox had to get itself ready as three more of them followed. Knox was grippled with total fear now, it was literally at the killer’s mercy now. As days rolled on there were no more deaths, one fine day a young boy of thirteen entered the knox police station and confessed to the killings, his reason his hatred towards i-pods !!! on further investigation he revealed of a pattern where in he killed people whose names began with A,P,P,L,E…..well people do u seee the pattern …..it was APPLE !!! well his hatred for the company was brought in open…….

MORAL OF THE STORY- a million people may like APPLE and STEVE JOBS but one small bored mind can bring the whole thing down !!!!